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6th October 2022

Motor insurers adopt Credit Clear’s at-fault claim system

ASX-listed Credit Clear says it signed four contracts with car insurance clients last month, entering new agreements with Zurich, Aioi Nissay Dowa and another motor insurance specialist, and expanding an existing relationship with another large insurance group.

CEO Andrew Smith says the insurtech is well positioned to significantly expand its offering to the insurance sector.

"The overwhelming objective is to improve the customer experience during the payment process and Credit Clear has proven itself to be a leader in achieving better customer experiences, engagement and recovery rates and faster end-to-end process,” he said.

The insurtech, which also counts luxury car dealerships, utilities and state health services as clients, says other insurance opportunities are “building strongly in the pipeline” and it expects to be able to announce significant new insurance clients in the coming months.

Credit Clear – a finalist in the 2022 Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) industry awards – offers products based on AI models, automation and predictive analytics. It recently developed an at-fault third party claim system for car insurers in collaboration with a large Australian insurer.

The automated digital self-service system asks whether customers accept fault and are insured, exchanges documentation and sets up payment arrangements. Collection of excess payments from the first party insured is also in development.

Credit Clear completed a case study in September with a large Australian insurer which revealed it took customers with insurance three days on average to complete Credit Clear’s digital workflow and the majority of third parties engaged on digital channels and completed the digital self-service process.

“A record was set using the digital workflow process where completion was achieved in 13 days from third-party claim initiation to payment, without human contact.

“The completely digital third-party recovery solution has shown to improve engagement and collection rates as well as significantly reduce the time to recover and improve the customer experience for the insured third-party,” it says.

Paul Dwyer, Deputy Chair and Founder at PSC Insurance Group, joined the Credit Clear board last month.

Credit Clear says thousands of active payment plans have already been established via its platform. The business is also exploring expansion in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and other markets. It now expects insurance-related work to make a materially larger contribution to its annual revenue of around $5.5 million.

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Motor insurers adopt Credit Clear’s at-fault claim system

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