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It's all about making connections...

Credit Clear connects you with your customers any time, any where.

Customisable Contact Points

Tailor the sending times and message templates to your customer base to get the most out of every interaction

Increase your cashflow

Customers can choose to pay the full amount upfront or set up a payment plan to fit in with their lifestyle

Cross-Browser Support

Instantly add a modern, mobile friendly payment experience to your existing application suite.

Easy Integration

Whether you use a CRM, an accounting package or a spreadsheet to track your accounts, we speak your language

Deep Customer Insights

Track all user interactions, collecting valuable data on each customer and trends for user cohorts

Scalable, Secure & Compliant

Hosted on Microsoft Azure to provide 99.95% uptime with enterprise grade security and compliance

A Simpler, Smarter Way

Credit Clear is a mobile communication, billing and payment technology designed and developed to significantly increase the efficiency of present and past due collections through an engaging and simple to use mobile interface.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Fully compliant with industry standards
  • Flexible and informative dashboards
  • Completely customisable customer interactions and branding

The next generation in customer communication

Credit Clear has been designed from the ground up to provide a flexible, secure and compliant platform for customer communication, billing and payment services. The engine of our application sits in the background ensuring that invoices are sent, debts are followed up and payments are made on time all in a completely automated fashion.

The only time you need to open our administration portal is to view insights about your customers and to alter your communication templates to target your customer base even more effectively.

A powerhouse of Business Intelligence

The Credit Clear Business Intelligence Platform is an end to end, largely automated operating platform that allows corporate clients to manage and monitor customer repayment mechanisms so as to better manage business cash flows, collection, and consumer accounts.

This data is then mined for insights and displayed upon the dashboards within the application, showing trends and analytics over the entire collections and payment process.

  • Deep insights into customer behaviours and contact preferences
  • Fully automated tracking of sends, opens, clicks and other analytics
  • Customer device detection to see how your customers are interacting with your products
  • At a glance position analysis to see exactly what has been paid and what is outstanding from a birds-eye view

What makes us stand out?

Credit Clear is a cloud application that communicates upcoming payments, present due and past due payment reminders via SMS and email to customers and securely processes payments. The Credit Clear solution is comprised of three core facets that work together to provide a robust and scalable system.

Take your business to the cloud

Significantly increase efficiencies in collection and reduce the costs of traditional debt collection techniques all in a secure, compliant and robust cloud application.

Increase your cashflow

We have simplified payments and recovery, one tap to pay securely, no stress, no fuss. Giving corporates the power and customers the convenience to pay anywhere, anytime.

24/7 Support

First class support for your organisation and your customers means you can focus on your business and what makes your customers happy rather than worrying about technical problems and downtime.

Take a peek at your new payment solution

We offer a fully branded, transparent solution for your business. Your customers will only see your brand, not ours