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Case Studies

Case Study

Debt Collection for the largest global motor vehicle financier

Since 2019, Credit Clear has been the white label solution for the largest global motor vehicle financier's three major brands within Australia. Using click to pay email and SMS communications our digital collection strategy was implemented for delinquent accounts between 0-30 days and has shown significant improvements in customer engagement and collection rates.

Since partnering with Credit Clear, delinquency rates have improved by 26%, equating to average savings of approximately $480,000 per annum.

With over 60% of customers actively engaging with the digital communications generated by Credit Clear, the penetration rate has improved by 200%, resulting in an average 333% ROI.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients’ customers are also benefiting from Credit Clear’s digital solution with the self serve payment portal allowing customers to select payment amounts and terms they are comfortable with inside predefined parameters.

The system has built in payment retry mechanisms and allows our client to specify minimum amounts for each term and sets the maximum allowable length of payment plans.

Our NPS score in the last reportable month was: +64.

"It's very convenient and less embarrassing than to have to talk to someone about it"

NPS Score +10

Delinquency Rate Improvement 26%

Delinquency Rate Improvement

Penetration Rate Improvement 200%

Penetration Rate Improvement

Average ROI 333%

Average ROI

NPS Score +64

NPS Score