Credit Clear Analytics & Insight Engine

Hundreds of data points are captured during the user’s interaction with the Payment Portal that are used to provide deep insights into user behaviour and payment patterns. These insights are computed and displayed in an easy to consume format with in the administration portal.

User Dossiers

Individual customer accounts can be viewed with granular detail. Credit Clear provides a live activity feed of transactions which can be provided back to the client via an API. You can view the digital paper trail created on each of your customers and see their activity and engagement.

Machine Learning

Technical innovation is at the core of Credit Clear’s success. Credit Clear’s AI and machine learning engine, provides automated insights about repayment behaviour, including predictions on time taken to make repayments after a notification and identification of debtors who are unlikely to pay.


TARA, short for Transaction And Repayment Analyser, is a system which has been carefully implemented to learn patterns from Credit Clear's data. Using various machine learning algorithms, TARA can automatically discover insights into repayment behaviour, such as customers who are X, Y, and Z, respond to SMS notifications almost immediately but completely ignore email notifications.


You can set a authentication method that’s suitable for your customer base, ensuring that no sensitive data is ever sent to a device that is not fully authenticated to our infrastructure.

Security & Network