The Product

Credit Clear provides a global solution, facilitating payments in any currency whilst automatically translating messages into your customers mobile phones default language.

Our Campaign and Workflow feature decides when to send, what to say and on which communication platform (SMS, email and Instant messenger)- sending tailored communication depending on your customers, age, gender and location.

Pay Now

Simple one step to pay

Allowing your customers to make payments in anyway and at anytime that suits them.

Payment Plans

Smart payment plans tailored by you, but in the control of your customer. This allows customers to seamlessly select a payment amount, a term they are comfortable with and a start date that suits them.

Request a Callback

Give your customers the option to request a call back to discuss their account at a time and day that suits them.

Campaigns and Workflow Engine

Our campaigns and workflow features amplifies traditional paper invoicing systems with instant ‘one step’ payment options, reducing costs and significantly improves cash flow.