Credit Clear’s disruptive technology houses unique tools to maximise payments. We are transforming the global landscape on traditional communications and mobile payments, streamlining customer experience and adding unparalleled value through our key features.

Payment plan engine

Within your customers' means.

Our smart payment arrangement system allows your customer to pick an amount and frequency of payment to work around their financial commitments. Greatly improves the likelihood of payment and customer satisfaction, (putting control back in the customer's hands)

ID Verification Engine

Seamless and Secure

High level protection providing a security layer to identify the customer before payment.

Location Services

Wherever your customers are, we're there.

Understand your customers spending habits better by knowing where and how your customers are paying.

Timezone Sending Engine

Any time, Anywhere.

Our location engine ensures messages are sent and arrive in your customer’s local time zone.

Full White Label Product

Make it your own.

A completely white labelled customer interface and experience.

Auto Translate


Hello Guten Tag 你好 こんにちは Bonjour

Our end user portal identifies the language that your customer's set their mobile phone and communicates accordingly.

Time Based Incentives

Smart, time-based messages.

Tailored smart messages, which allow discounted repayment amounts if customers pay the full amount within a given time frame.

Campaigns and Workflow

Let us lead the way.

Our campaigns and workflow engine recommends the next steps based on interaction, curating messages and timing for your customers activity.


It's in our DNA.

Security is built into the DNA of the entire credit clear Cloud platform. Please take a look at our Security & network sections.

Business Intelligence

Meet your new business partner.

Collating your customer data and generating business insights through our campaigns and workflow engine to give you a better understanding of your customers.

Business Intelligence

Our real-time customisable dashboard, monitors how your customers are using the application and provides live marketing and user insight.

What can we do for your business?